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As new frontiers in orthopaedics and injury management continue to inspire novel approaches to patient recovery, Bauerfeind is committed to considering and integrating new research perspectives to continuously support and build patient recovery initiatives.


    After weeks of struggling to walk for more than a few thousand steps at a time I purchased two GenuTrain knee braces. I got instant support and confidence and was walking 12-14,000 steps a day immediately after wearing the braces.

    GenuTrain Knee Support 
  • GAME CHANGER ★★★★★

    After several injuries to the AC joint, and most recently several dislocation & subluxation, I was barely able to get dressed with confidence. Now with the brace, I'm doing my physio, exercising again & can finally get back in the garden with confidence.

    OmoTrain Shoulder Support 

    After years of painful sleepless nights, and physio appointments for a carpel tunnel which only really manifested at night was about to book in for surgery when GP suggested try wrist braces. Immediate results, no night pain, comfortable to wear and life changed.

    ManuTrain Wrist Support 
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Bauerfeind’s diverse portfolio of braces, orthoses, compression, and insoles embody a near-century of investment in evidence-backed product development and research. Through the combination of independent and published clinical studies, we commit to delivering a product range that is driven by robust evidence and insight to enable our partners to make data-informed decisions on optimum orthopedic solutions for patients.

Our Collected Studies comprises the comprehensive data-driven insights that underpin our braces and orthoses, and explores a range of clinical and research parameters to demonstrate the efficacy of Bauerfeind aids in enhancing clinical outcomes in a range of contexts, including osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and chronic disorders.